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Betyg: = bättre än genomsnitt, = exceptionellt bra.
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A Gothic journey into the heart of the universe. 95/98/NT. 600KB
Space images with music. 95/98/NT. 600KB
Alien Annihilation
The rain pours down, lightning strikes and the thunder crashes. The skyscrape has occasional blackouts. Sound. 95/98. 1.5MB
Alien sunset
High-quality jpgs of a single valley view as the sun sets. By Werewares. 95/98. 4MB
Aliens on skateboards
Yellow creatures skating on your desktop or a background color of your choice. 17KB
19 different images of planets, galaxies, etc. Slideshow. 95/98. 1.2MB
Cyber Space Screensaver
Cuts up your desktop and reorganize it for you. 50KB
There are things happening in cyberspace. 1.3MB
Distant Planets
Generating random scenes of imaginary planets, transforming forever and all the planets are unique. Beautiful. 95/98. 50KB

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