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Konst & 3D

Betyg: = bättre än genomsnitt, = exceptionellt bra.
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3D Beauty
10 beautiful 3D images by Derosi, Walter and Plancak. 95/98. 1.3MB
3D photocube
A screensaver and desktop application that displays your pictures - bitmap or JPEG files - in a 3-D animation of spinning and orbiting photo cubes. Bitmap or JPEG files can be created from scanners, photo CDs, video capture systems, and paint programs. 95/98/NT. 1.7MB
3D tidalforces
Fly through the wormhole, and out into the void. Watch as 999 3D objects get tugged around by up to 10 gravitrons. Kick'n techno tunes rock you as you fly from scene to scene. Requires DirectX 6.0. 95/98/NT. 1.6MB
Change your computer screen to a funny weird animated 3D mirror. You can chage the mirror reflection to one of your JPEG, BMP or TGA files. Try one of your scanned portrait and see how your face morph. You will need an up to date fast accelerated 3D graphics card like NIVIDIA GeForce, ATI Radeon, Matrox G400 to run this one. 95/98/NT/ME/2000. 1MB

Acez 3D Pic Cube Screen Saver
Acez 3D Pic Cube Screen Saver is a screen saver that displays your favorite pictures or images in a spinning 3D-picture cube. The authors homepage. 95/98/NT/2000. 1.7MB

Aepryus Graph
3D animated math functions protect your screen. 95/98/NT. 600KB
After Zed
Computer art by A. Printezis. Many transitions and artwork images flying over the screen. 95/98/NT. 1.4MB
Art by Griselda
Paintings by Griselda Tello floating in a collage. Music. 95/98/NT. 1.2MB
Art from Seattle
Very good fractals. Many setting available. Beautiful. 95/98. 2.8MB
Art of Tiepolo
Slideshow screen saver features paintings by Tiepolo. From Themestress. 95/98. 800KB
Airbrush artist Toni Lea Combs have made these paintings. Slideshow with transition effects. 1MB
Artist for hire
Drawing from the clipart collection. 95/98/NT. 500KB
Artwork blending into each other. 1.3MB
Autumn leaves
Drifting 3D leaf outlines of different colors, with midi music, in honor of the Autumn Equinox. Be warned -- you'll need a fairly modern processor, probably 200Mhz or better, to really enjoy this one -- though it has worked fine on a 166. By Werewares. 95/98. 500KB

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